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Have you noticed premature wear on your tires? It may be time to get your car’s wheel alignment checked. Misalignment problems are often the result of everyday things like driving on rough roads with potholes, but can also be caused by major things like accidents. Getting your wheels aligned can help your car drive safer again. That’s why you can’t leave it up to just any auto shop to do next your wheel alignment. Fortunately, at A&C Auto Works  Complete Auto Care in Northglenn we staff ASE-certified automotive technicians who know how to address issues with your alignment, suspension, and steering before they become serious. We apply our expertise to pinpoint and resolve problems so you’ll leave our shop knowing your vehicle is handling at its best. You can be sure we’ll deliver the best service. So don’t wait to see if your alignment is causing problems. Call or schedule an appointment at A&C Auto Works  Complete Auto Care in Northglenn we guarantee we’ll get it done right and on time.



Without a proper wheel alignment, your fuel economy, tire life and the overall performance of your vehicle can suffer. A&C Auto Works  Complete Auto Care recommends that a car’s wheel alignment be checked every 6,000 miles / 6 months.

At A&C Auto Works,. We use computerized wheel alignment technology – which means our camber, caster, toe and thrust angle measurements are extremely precise and accurate.

Come into A&C Auto Works Complete Auto Care to have your wheel alignment checked.


During a standard wheel alignment service, a technician will inspect and/or adjust your vehicle’s:

  • Camber, caster and toe angles (when applicable)
  • Front and rear steering
  • Suspension system
  • Tire wear and tire condition
  • Tire air pressure
  • Print out before and after wheel alignment specifications


The auto technician will then align and road test the vehicle..


In addition to our wheel alignment services we also offer wheel balancing. Unlike a wheel alignment, which corrects misaligned angles and keeps your car from veering to one side or another, wheel balancing corrects any uneven distribution of weight in the wheels (which can lead to vibration, excessive tire wear, damage to suspension and other problems). During a wheel balancing service, technicians mount steel weights to the inside or outside of wheels to balance the wheel assembly.



4-wheel alignments improves the accuracy and precision of your vehicle’s camber, caster and toe angles. A&C Auto Works Complete Auto Care recommends getting your alignment checked every 6 months or 6,000 miles. 4-wheel alignments should be checked at regular intervals.

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